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Hydrogen Filling Stations Worldwide

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Current number of database entries: 719

Last Change(s): 

23.09.2016ITM Power M1 Wind Hydrogen Station
Rotherham (United Kingdom)
70 MPa upgrade in operation

23.09.2016CEP Bremen
Bremen (Germany)
under construction

23.09.2016CEP station Rostock
Rostock (Germany)
groundbreaking event on Septmeber 2, 2016; to start operation in spring 2017

23.09.2016CEP Hannover station
Hannover (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Münster station
Münster (Germany)
still under construction

23.09.2016CEP Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Cologne-Bonn Airport
Cologne (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Koblenz
Koblenz (Germany)
under construction

23.09.2016CEP Frankfurt
Frankfurt (Germany)
still under construction

23.09.2016CEP Offenbach
Offenbach (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Wendlingen
Wendlingen (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Motorway Junction A6/A81
Bad Rappenau (Germany)
under construction

23.09.2016CEP Karlsruhe Total
Karlsruhe (Germany)
under construction

23.09.2016CEP Metzingen
Metzingen (Germany)
in operation

23.09.2016CEP Bodensee West
Geisingen (Germany)
still under construction

23.09.2016CEP Ingolstadt
Ingolstadt (Germany)
under construction (Wernberg cancelled)

23.09.2016HyFive 2 London
London Rainham Essex (United Kingdom)
undergoing commissioning, to start on October 11

23.09.2016CEP Total Highway Station
Neuruppin (Germany)
new address

23.09.2016CEP Wiesbaden
Wiesbaden (Germany)
under construction

23.09.2016CEP Wolfsburg
Wolfsburg (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Bremen Airport - SWARM project
Bremen (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Mühlheim a.d.Ruhr
Mühlheim an der Ruhr (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Kamen
Kamen (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Hirschberg
Hirschberg (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Sindelfingen
Sindelfingen (Germany)
under construction

23.09.2016CEP Limburg
Limburg (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Herten
Herten (Germany)

23.09.2016CEP Kreillerstraße
Munich (Germany)
under construction

23.09.2016CEP Verdistraße
Munich (Germany)
under construction

23.09.2016COHRS OMV Wiener Neudorf
Wiener Neudorf (Austria)
newly planned

23.09.2016CEP Pforzheim
Pforzheim (Germany)
under construction

23.09.2016COHRS OMV Graz
Graz (Austria)
newly planned