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Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Worldwide

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Last Change(s): 

18.09.2018Munich Lohhof - Linde Hydrogen Center (LH2C)
Unterschleißheim (Germany)
public dispenser is under construction

18.09.2018Multi-Fuel station Berlin-Brandenbrug H2-BER
Berlin - Schönefeld (Germany)

18.09.2018Linde Hannover station
Hannover (Germany)

18.09.2018Total Leipzig station
Leipzig (Germany)

18.09.2018Shell Aachen
Aachen (Germany)
under construction

18.09.2018Air Liquide Köln
Frechen (Germany)

18.09.2018Total Moorfleet
Hamburg (Germany)
under construction

18.09.2018Air Liquide Limburg
Limburg (Germany)
AL is operator, address unclear

18.09.2018Linde Herten
Herten (Germany)
under construction

18.09.2018OMV Ottobrunner Straße
Munich (Germany)

18.09.2018Shell Messe Hannover
Laatzen (Germany)
under construction

Halle (Germany)
adresse unclear

18.09.2018OMV Derching
Friedberg (Germany)
under construction

18.09.2018Shell Weiterstadt
Weiterstadt (Germany)

18.09.2018Shell Leverkusen
Leverkusen (Germany)
under construction

18.09.2018Shell Essen
Essen (Germany)
under construction

18.09.2018Shell Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Rheda-Wiedenbrück (Germany)
under construction

18.09.2018Berg bei Hof
Berg (Germany)
under construction

Flensburg (Germany)
under construction

18.09.2018Shell Hagenow
Hagenow (Germany)
under construction

18.09.2018Total Magdeburg
Magdeburg (Germany)
under cosntruction

18.09.2018Rugao station
Rugao Nantong (China)
to be completed end of September

Westre (Germany)
newly planned