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PED Professional 6

SunLine Transit - Thousand Palms

in operation
Last changes 10.11.2017 update
Public access
emergency refueling is possible, call ahead 760-343-3456 x312
United States California
Thousand Palms
probably exact location

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25 MPa


This station is part of the DoE Hydrogen program www.hydrogen.energy.gov and and of the National Fuel Cell Bus Program of US Department of Transportation and is also funded by SCAQMD.

2011: Future work by NREL: Collecting, analyzing, and reporting on performance data for next-generation hydrogen-fueled vehicles in service.
SunLine disassemblied, relocated and integrated projects by Clean Air Now and the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University into its fleet at Thousand Palms Headquarter.

16.01.2013 NREL continues data collection, analysis and reporting on performance data American Fuel Cell Bus demonstration Q4/2008 - Q4/2010
LBST-Info This Information is provided by LBST. LBST Station ID: 012
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