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VCS Methodology Audit - REDD Methodology Modules

The Carbon Management Service of TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH is carrying out a methodology audit according to the requirements of the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). The new methodology follows a modular approach and is intended to be used for projects that reduce emissions form deforestation and degradation. The methodology is currently not tied to a specific REDD project.

Methodology documentation, REDD

Methodology documentation:

1_REDD-MF REDD methodology framework v1.1
2_CP-A Aboveground biomass v1.0
3_CP-B Belowground biomass v1.0
4_CP-D Dead wood v1.0
5_CP-L Litter v1.0
6_CP-S Soil v1.0
7_CP-W Wood products v1.0
8_BL-PL Baseline planned deforestation v1.0
9_BL-UP Baseline unplanned deforestation v 1.0
10_BL-UR Baseline rate unplanned deforestation v1.0
11_BL-UL Baseline location unplanned deforestation v1.0
12_BL-DFW Baseline degradation fuel wood extraction v1.0
13_LK-ASP Leakage activity shifting planned deforestation v1.0
14_LK-ASU Leakage activity shifting unplanned deforestation v1.0
15_LK-ME Leakage market effects v1.0
16_LK-DFW Leakage displacement fuel wood extraction v1.0
17_E-BB Non-CO2 emissions from biomass burning v 1.0
18_E-FFC Emissions from fossil fuel combustion v 1.0
19_M-FCC Monitoring forest cover changes v 1.0
20_X-STR Stratification v1.0
21_X-SIG Significance v1.0
21a_Significance justification v1.0
22_X-UNC Uncertainty analysis v 1.0

Comments, REDD

The Methodology documentation is open for comments from May 18 to June 16, 2009
via eMail to the:

Certification Body "climate and energy"

Please use the following form to comment the methodology:

Form for Comments