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VCS - Methodology Audit: Baseline and Monitoring Methodology for REDD projects (mosaic)

The Carbon Management Service of TÜV SÜD is currently on the second round of auditing of a new methodology for Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) projects according to the requirements of the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). The methodology is titled “Baseline and Monitoring Methodology for Project Actions that Reduce Emissions from Deforestation on Degrading Land” and is relevant for deforestation and degradation of the mosaic type. It can be applied in situations where a complex set deforestation agents and drivers of deforestation and degradation interact.

Methodology documentation, REDD (mosaic)

Methodology documentation:

VCS REDD methodology Terra Global Capital

Comments, REDD (mosaic)

The Methodology documentation is open for comments from June 29 to July 28, 2009
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